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Who Are We

Team Global Investment – is a company which was officially registered in the UK on 8 February 2016.

And has its head office located at 37 Syntagma Square Athens. Our goal is to offer each investor the optimal solution for multiplying your capital with minimal risk. Earners Mining is not affiliated with any other organization and is not an associated company or Department.

Team of professional trading and financial specialists who contribute to the efficient and rapid assessment of the current financial market. This gives the opportunity for our specialists to achieve significant success, and the company has decided to submit its product to a wide range of investors. This decision gives impetus to the continuous development of the company, which is steadily to raise capital for their investors. The objective of our investment Fund is to ensure regular gains to private investors with minimal risk. The Fund is mainly involved in trading on the Crypto currency markets, Oil and Gas sector, Agricultural sector, Educational sector and  I.T firms etc. Every transaction conducted by our partners is based on constant profit.

We have combined in a single process the monitoring of tendencies of rates change, the adaptive analysis of the crypto currency assets liquidity a programme way of the speculative commercial deals performing with the crypto currency pair of BTC. For this purpose we use the high-speed selective algorithms of high-frequency trading and the smart-program for acceleration of data exchange with the crypto currency exchanges.

Each element of our strategy precisely and effectively does its job, combining in the single faultless mechanism of the high profit obtaining.

An investment company may seem all-powerful, but without individuals and companies providing the funds, investment companies cannot operate. Whether you choose to invest little or big with Earners Mining, we consider all our clients

Our Philosophy

At Earners Mining Ltd, we strongly believe that our team is critical to our success in building a sustainable and dominant business in the countries we operate in across Asia, Europe and beyond. We go to great ends to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talents where-ever they may be in the world. To this end, we are always striving to: Recruit, develop and retain a highly talented workforce Provide a non-threatening environment that encourages and rewards role-model performance Help our work-force maintain a healthy balance between work and their personal lives Provide competitive compensation and benefits that rank amongst the top-tier competitors in each of the countries we operate in Ensure adequate avenue for career growth and exploration – whether functional or across country lines Develop a cultural diverse pool of talented professionals with the skills and mind-set to deliver excellent results across different markets and cultures across the Asian continent and beyond

Earners Mining Team

We understand that the only way to get the best results and continually stay ahead of the curve is to continually sharpen our most important asset – our team. In commitment to this, in 2016, we set up the Earners Mining Team as a force to reckon with in continually training and developing our workforce, so they can continue to be at the fore-front of best-breed professionals in the world. Our dedicated Learning and Development professionals are always on top of closing any detected competency gap in our work-force. Earners Mining Team adopts a mix of different learning methods ranging from e-learning programmes and seminar training. The Team also issues a certificate upon successful completion of its modules and has successfully graduated 4 batches of Management professional teams from its rigorous trainee programme.

Perfomance Management

At Earners Mining, we take our corporate culture very seriously and take proactive steps to enshrine it in the hearts of our employees. Our culture is defined by our core values: Humility We see and relate with the customer as the essence of our corporate being. Empathy We always put ourselves in the position of our customers. Integrity We are transparent in our relationship with our customers. Resilience We evoke our entrepreneurial spirit to excel in all challenging situations.

Compensation & Reward

We run a robust goal-driven Performance Management System which measures each investors performance against care-fully defined targets, their level of team-work and the organization’s performance. We strive to ensure that every investor understands how he or she contributes to the organizations bottom-line, Asides measuring performance, our performance management system seeks to reward Role Model performance accordingly while at the same time, helping least active investor to get maximum investment profit.

Why Choose Us?

Earners Mining is a genuine crypto investment platform that aims at building a sustainable  and dominant interest based system, by encouraging all crypto investors with maximum profit.

No hassles no paper works, you get your withdrawals processed and cleared within 10 mins

Our dedicate customercare support is always available to assist you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We have the best Return On Investment strategies to ensure you get back your capital and profit as at when due and without delay.

Our team consists of real traders and professional market experts, whose skills were formed many years studying the theory of fundamental analysis and practical application of knowledge of the foreign exchange market.

Our referral Program richly rewards you for every person who registers through your referral link​

We use one of the best securities to ensure that your data and transactions are secured from unauthorized users​

At prime crypto investment we make use of dedicated server and docs to keep our company running​

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